IPhone Xs Max


IPhone Xs Max


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ArmorVisor(4th Generation) Features


Blue Light Cut Layer. Block 90% of 380mm 430mm blue light emitted from device.

Blu-ray is harmful to body under long exposure, causes dry eyes, fatigue, increase in short-sightedness, and even sleeping problems.

True Color. Retains original screen clarity without yellowish/purple tint.

Feels Like Glass, Yet Unbreakable. Experience the best of glass, without the cracks!



6X Anti Shock. Now even tougher with X.One’s Revolutionary Impact Fusion Material greatly improve shock absorption capability up to 6X!

LotusFX Oleophobic Coating. Coating inspired by nature that mimics the surface of a lotus leaf that resists dirt and oil.

Fingerprint Resistant. Now even easier to clean your surface thanks to our LotusFX coating.

Case friendly. Fits with 99% of the casing brands in the market.

Air Releasing Technology. Apply our screen protectors perfectly even if you do not have any experience.

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